Great Google Chrome Extensions you should install!

Do you use Google Chrome? – if not, you should download it because it comes with great extension

Do you use Google Chrome? – if not, you should download it because it comes with great extension features for FREE! People tend to use Chrome because it’s more advanced and will more than likely work quicker. Everyone has a preference to browser methods, but Google Chrome is definitely one that everyone should use. This blog gives you top extension features you can download and what they do.

Hover Zoom + Detective

Have your eyes been literally a cm away from the computer screen because you just can’t see the image that’s in front of you? Well Google Chrome’s Hover Zoom + feature will be the answer to all your problems. This feature allows you to hover over an image which will then expand to its full size.

This feature is supported on all sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google Images and YouTube. It’s definitely a feature worth having.


Last Pass

Keep forgetting your password? Tired of re-entering your password all the time? No problem, LastPass is the Google Chrome extension that solves these problems. Once the program is installed, you can then save all your passwords from whatever site you want on to your LastPass. When you come to log in, the username and password will already be inserted in the boxes and you just need to click ‘log in’.
TIP: try not to forget your password just in case!


Save to pocket

Everyone has come across something that they are interested in on the internet, but haven’t had the time to actually watch or read it. Well, this is where Save to pocket comes in to play. Rather than bookmarking it on the internet, Save to Pocket allows you to save the article/video on this extension so you can re-visit it when you have time.

The benefit of this is that it doesn’t save it to just one current device, it saves it on several so you can view it later (maybe when you’re at work and you want to view something but you haven’t got the time so you view it on your tablet at home).


Push Bullet Bullet

This is a big feature as it can link your mobile phone with your PC. It lets you move anything from one device to another, give you push notifications and lets you send and receive text messages from your mobile phone on your computer.

It’s a great feature to have because it can stop you looking at your mobile phone when you are working, and it lets you deal with the notifications you want to deal with at that moment because they pop up on your screen.

However, one downside is that it only works with an Android which limits the audience for this feature.