A day in the life of the helpdesk team

‘Good morning Aspect IT, how can I help?’ is the typical greeting you’ll get from us here at

‘Good morning Aspect IT, how can I help?’ is the typical greeting you’ll get from us here at Aspect, but what do we do for you on a daily basis? Keep reading to find out what a day on the helpdesk looks like!

Come in and brew up!

Obviously you want to start the day fresh and ready to go for a busy day so a cup of tea or coffee is absolutely essential! I think you can all agree can’t you?

Check out the helpdesk email

When the helpdesk sit down for a busy day, they often check their emails and the helpdesk shared mailbox to check if anyone has emailed in with some issues. Let’s say someone has a server issue and they emailed the helpdesk. Whoever views that email first will raise a job for it and assign it to the correct person.

They always work as fast as possible to help minimise the time the task is in the Que so it does not affect business productivity. If the server is completely down then it’s a priority to fix.

Answer the phone

It’s common sense to pick the phone up when it rings, so it’s a good job our helpdesk team have lots of it! When someone contacts the helpdesk they find out what the issue is and will take the appropriate action against it.

If it’s something that doesn’t need to be looked in to and can be resolved right away, they will connect up to your PC and show you how it’s done or they will talk through what action needs to be taken to solve the problem.

The problem may need to be looked in to further, they will make you aware they will look in to the issue and raise a job against it. Once the problem is resolved or needs further work, they will give you a call.

There is only so much work the helpdesk team can do over the phone or remotely, so depending on your situation they may need to come and visit you onsite to investigate further.

Onsite visits

Like we have just explained someone from the helpdesk may need to come and visit you onsite to resolve a problem you are having. We will arrange a time most convenient for you and get that IT pain point out of the way!

If you call us up and your server is down or we detect it from our end we will make sure to have contacted you to let you know and one of us will be onsite as soon as possible to get it back up again for you.


They are the main tasks that our helpdesk team are involved with, so when you make a call to us you know exactly what we do to help you out! Lunch is a priority, you cannot be busy for 8 hours a day without taking lunch (plus it’s the law anyway!). Every day is a new, busy day and with a helpdesk of four you can tell that we’re constantly working to solve your problems.