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Holiday gadgets for you to take away this summer!

Holiday gadgets are essential to give you that extra advantage. No matter what it is, there's always a

Holiday gadgets are absolutely essential because they help you in situations that make life easier. You may not even know it yet, but there’s always a gadget that can help you along the way. It’s holiday season so we want to prepare you so that you can check out these amazing technical gadgets! Whether you’re exploring the country or having a nice relaxing holiday, these gadgets will be the perfect purchase. 

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a must have. On holiday, it’s always great to have some background music. There are many different types of speakers available on the market but the WONDERBOOM is a highly recommended speaker. It’s shockproof, waterproof and it also floats which is amazing! 

It’s available on Amazon for just £54.99 – a bargain if you ask us!

Portable Wi-Fi

Everywhere you go people are always after the Wi-Fi password. With a portable Wi-Fi pack, you will never be asking for the password again. The TP-Link M7450 comes with multiple plans to help accommodate your data usage. The Wi-Fi has a long-standing battery life of 15 hours which is plenty for you to use.

You can buy the TP-Link on Amazon.

Digital Luggage scale

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and finding out your cases weigh more than the limit specified! This gadget will make sure that your cases are the correct weight and it’s easy to carry with you too. Everybody likes to buy little souvenirs, so you need to make sure you have enough weight for coming back home. The Duronic Digital Luggage scale has three difference weight units to choose from which is easy to change. 

Wireless earbuds

These aren’t just any earphones; they’re wireless, noise cancelling and they integrate with the Google Assistant. The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earphones allows you to control your music, calls and voice assistant through the touch pad that is located on the end of the earphones. Additionally, they are designed to handle any environmental condition so you can keep on listening whatever the weather and activity.  

Smart padlock

If you’re that person to lose the key to a padlock or that person who “can’t be trusted” to look after something so small then this is the gadget for you. This Noke Bluetooth padlock requires no key, just your smartphone. All you need to do is unlock the padlock on your smartphone and you’ll never have to panic about misplacing the key again.

Stock up on your gadgets!

Checking out all the gadgets will see what you’re missing out on. Plus, you can stock up before you go and then you’ll be sure to have every essential needed to a smart gadget holiday!

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