Holiday Tip: Rubbish Hotel Wi-Fi

  It is the holiday season and everyone staying in a hotel abroad will want Wi-Fi, but it’ll probably



It is the holiday season and everyone staying in a hotel abroad will want Wi-Fi, but it’ll probably be rubbish or intermittent.

If you know you’ll need Wi-Fi whilst in your hotel room abroad, then this blog is for you.

So what can you do if the Wi-Fi signal in your room is poor?

Well this blog provides a few simple tips and tricks.


Option 1: Try the lobby/reception area

The first step is to see if the Wi-Fi quality is better here. This is because the router will more than likely be located at reception. If it’s OK and the internet connection is good, then you at least know the internet is working properly. If you really need to get a connection, you can always pop down to this area. You can also test the coverage around the hotel to see where else you can get a decent Wi-Fi signal.

Option 2: Ask to reset the router

Another tip is to ask the hotel to reset their router and/or boosters. If you tell them you are struggling to get a connection they will probably oblige. Once they do this, it will take approximately 5 minutes for the connection to be available again.

Option 3: Staff Wi-Fi

Most hotels will have guest Wi-Fi and staff Wi-Fi. If you’re really desperate, for example, because it is for work, ask for the staff connection details and explain why. you may get lucky.

Option 4: Ethernet Connections

Your hotel room will more than likely have an Ethernet connection to plug into. This will provide a faster internet connection. However, if you are not using a laptop or device with an Ethernet port, it isn’t much use. But there is solution. You can buy a device, like the DLink Wi-Fi AC750 Portable Router and Charger. You can plug this device into your hotel room Ethernet port and then it acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your devices. It’s simple and does a whole lot more as well, which you can check out on our link.

Option 5: 3rd Parties

When all else fails, find a Starbucks or McDonald’s, or even worse, revert to your mobile phone connection, but watch out for your roaming charges.