How Can VoIP Help your Business?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a phone service that uses the Internet to

VoIP InstallationVoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a phone service that uses the Internet to make and receive calls instead of using a traditional phone line. There are numerous business benefits to using VoIP but you need to meet specific requirements.

This blog aims to help business owners who are considering a new VoIP Installation make an informed decision.

The Benefits

  • Call quality
    Regular phone lines use an analogue signal to carry data, VoIP converts the signal into digital, giving you high definition voice and call quality.
  • Cost reduction
    Most users who switch from a standard line to VoIP see a big reduction in call costs. Calls generally cost less, international charges are cheaper and there are no line rental charges.
  • Receive calls anywhere via an Internet connection
    VoIP gives you the ability to answer calls from anywhere. All you need is an an Internet connection and an IP phone. You can also use your mobile phone or computer by installing additional software.
  • Easy management and scalability
    A VoIP system is easy to manage and scale up. Whether you need too add one user or a whole new office, it is just a simple task of registering the user to the phone system.
  • Types to suit any business
    For small offices: A VoIP system can be hosted entirely in the cloud. This means there are no upfront hardware costs or servers to maintain and you pay a simple monthly subscription charge.
    For large offices: An onsite VoIP server is more cost-effective to run in-house and also provides you with greater control over your systems.
  • Remote offices 
    Calls between remote offices or home workers are completely free. You can also transfer calls from site to site as well.
  • Any STD number you want
    VoIP telephone numbers are not geographically restricted. This means you can choose any STD code you prefer.

The requirements

Even though VoIP technology is always improving, there are still some important requirements that need to be met.

  • VoIP InstallationRequirement one: A good quality Internet connection is essential. For small businesses you can usually run a couple of VoIP phones on the same connection that your current Internet is on. However, it is always better to run your VoIP phones on a dedicated Internet connection. Also the larger the bandwidth, the more users can be on a call at a time.
  • Requirement two: The second most important requirement is the quality of your internal computer network. The infrastructure in your office need to be fast enough to support people using the Internet and making calls. For bigger companies it can be wise to install a second network and Internet line dedicated to VoIP. For smaller companies, the network may need optimizing with quality of service settings that make sure that the bandwidth is shared equality.

What we can do for you

At Aspect IT we have performed numerous VoIP installation for small and large companies. We have the experience to support you through all parts of a VoIP installation and VoIP maintenance. VoIP provides many benefits but is not suitable for every company, We can provide you with a free site survey and give you an honest evaluation of your infrastructure and what would be best for you.

If you would like more information or a free quote, then visit our VoIP Installation page and fill out our free call back form.


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