How does the Cloud work?

So we’ve already briefed you on the top questions of Cloud computing recently, but what are the technical

So we’ve already briefed you on the top questions of Cloud computing recently, but what are the technical sides how does it actually work? We wouldn’t be IT experts if we couldn’t help you out on understanding more about it.

Top uses

  • File storage – allows you to access any files from any location with internet access and is a source of backup if something happens to your PC.
  • Disaster recovery – if you PC just decides to pack in, everything can be lost…unless you’re on the Cloud! All files can easily be backed up in seconds so at least it’s not gone.
  • Back up – It all sort of ties in with disaster recovery really, only that you can have an extra copy of your file on the cloud as well as you desktop just to be safe than sorry!
  • Test and development – it  can help you test what storage is right for you and if it is right for you, and then how you can develop as a business

How does it work?


It can depend on what provider the business is with, which will be either self explanatory or you will have it explained to you how it will work (nothing wrong with Googling here and there as well).

To be on the safe side, save an extra copy on the cloud as well as your desktop, so that if anything was to happen you can still access the cloud and retrieve your file back.

Types of Cloud


This is when the cloud is on a virtual machine and they tend to be free (up to a certain space). Dropbox and Google Drive are a prime example and they’re good to use if you have a couple of files you want to store. If you need more space, you may want to look at going for the private cloud.


The private cloud is a better option for businesses that need direct control over their working environments. It minimizes security concerns as it is behind a firewall that will protect the cloud even more. It also gives a business more control over their data as they are more in control of it.


Hybrid is a mix of private and third party involvement of keeping data safe on the cloud. An example of a third party would be ourselves. With our service, we can help you keep your data safe and secure with the ability to adapt to your business’ requirements on how much storage you need; and it all comes at a low and affordable cost.


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