How to get my e-commerce business online

Once you get your business running, there's always plans for expansion. Here is our tips to help get

Selling your products in your local area is a good way to start, but if you want to expand and grow even bigger you need to invest online. Why? Because many businesses and individuals take to the internet to find products and services. Our blog today will help your offline business become online. 

Determine what you need to do

It’s easy enough to say I want my business to be online, let’s do it. The real question is how do I take my e-commerce business online? First of all, you need to establish what you want to do in terms of advertising your products. The main question is where. Do you have a website? If not, then there’s your answer. Consumers are scanning the internet every single day for new products and services; having no website to advertise yourself puts you at

the bottom of the ladder already. You need to do what it takes to get yourself up there and in the lead. 

Get a website built for you


For an e-commerce business the most obvious design for you would be an e-commerce website. This means that whilst you are closed offline, people can still browse and purchase your products online 24/7 through an e-catalog – the way you want it is your choice. 

Being online opens so much opportunity to your business and provides you with many benefits. 

What package is best for you?

In our e-commerce web design service, we can accommodate to any business whatever their requirements. But here is our little guideline for you:

  • Starter e-commerce sites – if you’re new to the internet and would like a simple and cost-effective site, then this is for you. It’ll be simple but great and then once you increase revenue then you can progress to the next level.
  • Medium-large sites – you’ve generated more business and increasingly growing. You will need your site to handle larger volumes of traffic and a site that is more than capable of selling a number of products.
  • Linking to platforms – Once you’ve got your site down to a T, you could expand your online presence further by linking it to Amazon, Ebay or even Google Marketplace. This allows you to advertise your products on these sites, so an even wider audience can purchase from you. 

What Software is used?


We offer two different platforms which are SellerDeck and WordPress. SellerDeck can be downloaded directly on to your PC which connects your PC to the web, whereas WordPress is online and is the leading CMS website. The additional feature for WordPress is that you can create more than just your website; you can write and publish blogs, website, forum and more. 

Need a website or want to enhance your current one?

No matter what your requirements are, we can adapt to your business and your industry to meet the needs of your customers online. If you would like some more information about our web design service, fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and needs further. 



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