How to Sync all your Cloud Storage Accounts

Following last week’s post about the best cloud storage providers… we found a number of apps that will

Following last week’s post about the best cloud storage providers… we found a number of apps that will allow users with multiple cloud storage accounts to connect them all together.

What does that mean? Well if you own a Dropbox account, a Google Drive account and a One Drive account, you can link all these accounts together so they can all be quickly searched from a single point.

Sounds handy ey? We know how tedious it can be searching each account for a particular file. Thankfully we’ve reviewed a few tools out there to help you manage your cloud accounts.

Let’s take a quick look…

1. Otixo

A file manager for all your cloud services and even your social networking accounts, Otixo supported services include: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SugarSync, CX, Facebook, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, and many more. A great feature of this service is the ability to cut and paste between services. Price ranges from free to $9.99 USD per month, depending on the personal or business package you choose.

2. CloudFuze

A desktop app that offers a single sign in for all your cloud based services. This service is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox and SugarSync. Users are able to edit, rename, create folders and drag and drop files between your desktop and the Cloud Fuze file manager. This service has a 30 day free trial and is $4.99 USD a month thereafter.

cloud fuze

3. Cloud HQ

This service provides a free demo which allows two cloud storage services to be synced with a limit of 50 files. If you have more, then you need to upgrade to a paid plan. Personal plan costs $9.90 USD a month and let you do 3 sync pairs for unlimited files. It will also let you only have one account on each cloud storage services. Premium plan, however, will remove all those limitations and will let you have 10 sync pairs with multiple accounts on each storage service. It will cost you $11.90 a month though. It currently supports, Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Sugar Sync, Evernote amongst others.


cloud hq

4. ZeroPC

Available for Android and iOS, as well as on the Web, ZeroPC lets you view and manage files from multiple cloud providers, including Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.Net, Evernote, and SugarSync. What makes it stand out, is that it also works with social media and content storage services including Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. This app is free for for a basic plan or $9.99 per USD per month for a more advanced features.

5. Odrive

Odrive lets you connect directly to all your disparate storage apps and brings them all to you in a single desktop folder. Once you have a file synced to your computer, files can be dragged and dropped. You can move them around from account to account to keep things organized just the way you like. Open and edit files directly from odrive and if you are offline at the time you save, it will make sure the files get to the cloud once you re-establish internet connection. This app is free at the moment! Link as many accounts as you  need to!

We understand that many of you may not feel one hundred percent comfortable sharing files with these third party companies. We advise you check their terms and conditions before signing up to anything.