How to take notes and doodle on Microsoft Edge

    For those of you using Windows 10, if you didn’t know already know, you can use




For those of you using Windows 10, if you didn’t know already know, you can use Microsoft Edge to write notes, doodle and highlight important information. These digital annotations are officially known as “web notes”. For anyone who conducts a lot of online research, for work or for fun, the ability to scribble all over webpages can be extremely useful.

To do this, open up a new webpage and select Image of Make a web note icon in the top right hand corner and ta-dah! You can now start drawing all over your open webpage.

Microsoft Edge is the only web browser that will allow you to do this. It can be a very handy tool if you need to save and share certain pieces of information, or alternatively just draw fancy pictures (see the work of art below).



You can also add text notes, just click where you want to anchor your note and start typing. Add as many notes as you like and re-position the notes by dragging around their speech bubble shaped anchors, and click on the anchor to hide the note. There is a trash can icon in the bottom right of each note. Press it to delete the note.

Clicking the clip icon will cause the window to dim and your mouse to change to a cross-hair. Drag to select a rectangular region that will be copied to your clipboard. You can also clip a region before saving or sharing it essentially to crop the image of the page.

This is a much better alternative to a marked-up screenshot. When you save or share your annotated pages through Edge, you can scroll down and see the whole webpage, not just the part that was visible when you saved it.

Be careful though, if you click Exit, all your annotations will be lost and you will return back to browsing mode.