How to Use VoIP to Make Your Business More Productive

There are many ways that VoIP can make your business more productive. We highlight some key points that

Voice Over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) technology has been around for many years. Once upon a time it was a slightly unreliable system but more recently it has developed into a seamless and cost-effective solution that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

VoIP replaces traditional in-office telephone systems and allows users to make calls over the internet instead. It’s a flexible and scalable system that can be adjusted according to seasonal business cycles and it’s ideal for remote working. Here’s how businesses can use VoIP to amp up productivity whilst cutting costs at the same time.

VoIP Saves Money

VoIP is a very cost-effective alternative to a traditional phone system. In fact, VoIP could reduce national calling costs by up to 40% and international costs by an impressive 90%. This then frees up money to reinvest in other areas of your business which may help you to streamline your processes and boost productivity.

VoIP Permits Flexible Working

It’s difficult to put together an amazing project or work through a difficult issue via instant message or email. VoIP systems allow employees to speak directly to one another and collaborate easily without having to be in the same room. This then creates new remote working opportunities, which is great news for productivity. A study by Stanford University found that working from home increases productivity by 13% and decreases the amount of breaks and sick days taken by employees.

VoIP Helps the Team Stay Connected

Staff morale and team spirit is hugely important to the productivity of any business. Great communication ensures that team members feel involved, valued and connected to their work and thus raises productivity rates. With remote working more common than ever, it’s crucial that businesses owners continue to maintain strong lines of communication with all staff members to prevent them from becoming disengaged and unmotivated. VoIP makes it easier than ever for team members to communicate and collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world.

Never Miss a Voicemail Again

Most workers check their email regularly, whereas voicemails can go unnoticed for hours, or even days. VoIP allows users to send voicemail via email. This means that workers can access their voicemail on any device with email capabilities, be that their laptop, phone or tablet. Better still, they can do so from anywhere with an internet connection. VoIP ensures that important messages will be heard and handled quickly, speeding up communication and boosting productivity.


VoIP allows team members to both work remotely and communicate more effectively than ever before, all whilst saving the business a significant amount of time and money. This is an excellent office phone system for a business of any size and here at Aspect IT, we offer cost-effective and professional VoIP solutions. To find out more about how we can help your business, click here to get in touch with us today.

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