HP’s Sure View Privacy Screens

  We’ve all done it or had it done to us; trying to see what’s on someone else’s laptop screen.



We’ve all done it or had it done to us; trying to see what’s on someone else’s laptop screen. Although may people considered it to be light-hearted, it can be a problem if you have sensitive information or work in a more public environment where people cannot be trusted. For example, you may use your laptop regularly on a morning, in your favorite coffee shop, drinking that morning cappuccino. Strangers could be viewing your sensitive information. Over-the-shoulder hacking cannot be overlooked (no pun intended).

HP, the well known global computer company, has developed a new laptop screen which will be used on some of their new laptops.

The technology is called Sure View.

Sure View is quite simple in how it works, it simply darkens the laptop screen by up to 95% when it is viewed from wide angles. This means other people trying to see your laptop screen from a different angle will have a significantly restricted view due to this darkness.

Other companies have already manufactured various similar tech, but nothing has ever been fully integrated into a screen before. For example, there are various “glue-on screens/filters” which perform in a similar way. However, for security conscious firms, they never know if these filters are being used or simply taken off by employees after leaving the office. Therefore the HP integrated solution is a great step forward.

Inevitably there is a draw back and this is why the Sure View is not activated by default. This is because when activated, although the viewing angle is more protected, the actual user using the laptop will also notice the screen becoming dimmer. Therefore the user has to press F2 to activate it. On the plus side, this also means when using the laptop in a non-public environment, you can switch Sure View off to get the full brightness again.

In summary, this new feature from HP is a great addition, but not everyone needs it. So if you are interested in security or work in a business that requires similar security, then it is a very welcomed new technology feature for laptops. People like solicitors, politicians, social works, etc. would benefit from such technology and we may begin to see other laptop manufacturers adopting similar integrated technology.