How to improve Cyber Security in your business

Cyber Security in business is essential. With GDPR only one month away, you need to ensure that your

Imagine your business falling victim to a Ransomware scandal and you day-to-day operations were temporarily suspended? The downtime and financial impact would not look good for you as it would cause complete and utter chaos. 

We can all agree that we would hate that to happen to our businesses. Which is why we all need to make sure our Networks are secure enough so that hackers cannot pass. Our latest blog will help you out and understand the importance of acting now.

% of business hit by a Cyber Attack in the last 12 months

Micro Business
Small Businesses
Medium Businesses
Large Organisations

Educate your employees

Keeping everyone fully educated on cyber security and what your procedures are, you are more likely to be protected than the businesses that has employees that know nothing about cyber security and how they can minimize harmful activity getting on their PCs.

When educating your employees this can involve:

  • Explaining phishing emails and what to do if they receive a suspicious email 
  • Making them aware of downloading content online 
  • What to do in the event of a data breach
  • The importance of password protection and storing passwords

Be vigilant

The more vigilant and aware you are the better you are in helping secure your business. By being vigilant, we mean to make sure that emails that come through are monitored efficiently and thoroughly, as emails can contain malware. Ensure all documents and accounts are password protected, using a mixture of upper and lower-case letters, special characters and 

numbers so it makes it harder to guess. DO NOT store a record of passwords on or offline.Training your staff on knowing what to look for can go a long way. 

Software protection

Leaving your PC unprotected is like riding a motorbike without protective padding and a helmet. In order to secure your business, you must protect your PC and the software you have. Anti-virus and anti-ransomware programs will give your PC the padding and security it needs. 

Once you have all this installed, you need to make sure that you keep it up to date with the latest version so that any vulnerabilities can be patched up immediately. 

Physical protection

Keeping sensitive information on site is a risk to your business. It’s not just online protection you need to worry about, but offline protection as well. For example, keep your servers locked in a protected room that can only be opened with key or fob entry. Make sure your building is secure and that every member of staff knows how to lock up the building securely. 

Just remember that any data offline or online needs to be protected and then you can work out how. 

Implement VPN connection

VPN also known as a Virtual Private Network will help you avoid becoming a target for cyber attacks. The purpose of the secure the connection between a private network and the internet. This is useful if you need to connect between several offices as it is easier to use and it’s almost like being on a local network. 

VPNs are harder to hack due to the visibility unlike WAN. It’s almost like a firewall protection but through a network connection.

Need some assistance?

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