Instagram’s new hidden likes trial – success or a complete disaster?

Have you heard the news? Instagram are trialing in Canada profile without showing the amount of people who

Recently, Instagram have announced that they will be putting a new feature on trial in Canada. The popular picture profile platform is testing a new feature which hides the number of likes your images receive. However, due to the continuous growth and dependency on social media, is this really a good thing or is it just a complete waste of time?

Today’s blog will cover how Instagram is used for business and individuals and discuss how this potential feature could positively and negatively impact the life of others. 

Social Media Influences

If you haven’t already heard of them before, social media influences are the ones who would be suffering the most. Their job is to collaborate with brands whether it be clothes, products, services etc. and promote them across their Instagram profile. They usually gain their wage by receiving commission based on if their ‘promotional code’ is used or a set wage to advertise their products. 

Demo Image

It’s more common with celebrities and reality stars because they develop a large following which is the perfect opportunity for brands to collaborate with these influences. 

This is where the problem comes in. If the likes are hidden, how are they supposed to prove that they are generating business for those brands and how are they supposed to show that their posts are getting the attention that is wanted and needed to support these brands and themselves? Without the facts present, brands will not wish to collaborate with these people unless they know for certain they have a huge following (e.g. celebrities).

Body and Personality image


Social Media has been dubbed to ruin body and positive image because people are posting about their “in shape” bodies, their financial success and much more. It has such an impact on people and can easily damage confidence in someone. People have always been known to feel good when they get noticed by people liking their images; the more likes the better they feel. 

People may often compare themselves to others in terms of how they look, how many likes they get on their photos which is

damaging for an individual’s mental and physical health. 

Although people appear to have the best life shown off on Instagram, this isn’t always true. Many reality TV stars are under constant pressure to live up to their followers expectations and working with brands to promote their products so they can get paid. They may travel the world, party, go to fancy restaurants but back in the real world, some of them often dislike it and it can impact their health. 

Maybe this is why likes being removed may be a good thing, to help everybody’s mental health. It’s a huge and sensitive topic these days which is being widely discussed. Without the likes being shown, the less one person can compare themselves to someone else. 

The whole aim from Instagram's perspective

The whole idea of getting rid of the likes is to make the platform less harmful. Among other features announced, their aim is to avoid negativity throughout the platform. If nobody can see how many likes another person gets on their images, the less they can compare and feel negative about themselves. 

Instagram have also come up with features to minimize bullying and harmful comments which a lot of people get these days. It will give the user total control of their account and who can comment and message them directly. 

Is it a good idea?

To conclude, our opinion is that it is great thing that Instagram are looking at ways to reduce negativity and take the pressure off individuals. However, as more businesses are taking up Instagram and Social influences make a living from the platform is it really a good idea in the long run? 

People have to prove they have the social following but how can they do this without the likes to support them? It will also make it a challenge for a business to target these sort of people based on their likes they receive. 

What do you think?

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