Top Tips for International Get Organized Month

January is the perfect month to get organized. With these tips and pointers, you should be able to

January is the perfect time for International Get Organized month. A fresh year and no better time than preparing yourself for the year ahead and start fresh. When it’s time to get back to work after enjoying stuffing your face with Christmas dinner, it can be a little deflating. However, never fear because once you get organized you’ll feel miles better and ready to take on 2019! 

Today’s blog is all about giving you some of the best tips to get organized.

Be Positive

Firstly, without a positive attitude in your life, you’re bound to feel less motivated about starting work again. It is sad going back to work after having a lovely time relaxing and worrying about work. But, coming back in to work with the right mindset will get you off to a great start!


Moreover that, if you go to work with a positive attitude, it will reflect on others in the office. This can help boost your productivity as well as theirs. See, positive vibes all around the office.

Organize and Plan

If you’re that person that has a lot of paperwork on your desk, it can become cluttered if you don’t file it. Meanwhile, you’ve got your colleague who has file organizers, paper trays and everything all neat and tidy next to you. The best way to get a good start is by organizing your desk and planning what you need to do.

If you are in Marketing, you need to plan what your activities are going to be and what opportunities you can grab hold of. As for our


helpdesk and projects team, there may be clients that require work for the new year which is what needs to be planned between us and the clients. Timescales for those guys is imperative because if numerous customers need several things doing, we need to allow the time we have got to meet their needs. 

Without planning, it can lead to confusion and lack of communication. It can be stressful because people will not know what’s required and deadlines could be missed. It can set you back and leave you catching up. Planning makes everything run smoothly. 

Communicate effectively

Without effective communication jobs can be missed out and incomplete. Information may not be passed on when and where it needs to be. For instance, if you need information to complete jobs, you need to speak to the appropriate person.

In business, communication needs to be effective across all departments. It allows you to seek opportunities and act on


procedures correctly and keep each other in the know. It makes the team and business work better together and encourages staff morale.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is the most important element of helping you get a great start to the day. With hardly any sleep, it makes it much harder to concentrate on your work when all you can think about is going back to bed. You should be getting a minimum of six or seven hours sleep to function properly throughout the day.


In addition to this, switching off is important when you finish work as stress can affect your night’s sleep. Overthinking about work can make you sleep less, more tired and fall behind as you become less productive.

The summary

To sum up this post, you need to abide by the above tips and you will be ready to plan ahead. If you’re like me then get your jolly holidays booked so you don’t have the stress of looking last minute. Therefore, you can concentrate on your work planning and desk organizing. 

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