Introduction to 3D Printing Pens

It seems like 3D printing has been around forever, yet small businesses don’t seem to be using it (unless


It seems like 3D printing has been around forever, yet small businesses don’t seem to be using it (unless anyone wants to email in and correct me).

But a new technology gadget may help more businesses take up and use 3D printing – 3D printing pens.

This blog is a simple overview and introduction to the world of 3D printing pens.

What are 3D printing pens?

3D printing pens look identical to normal ink filled pens. However, instead of being used to write with ink on paper, they extrude heated plastic that dries almost instantly. This means you can draw in thin air and in any direction.

What would I use one for?

3D pens are not marketed in the same way as 3D printers; they are mostly marketed as either an artistic device or a complimentary product to a 3D printer.

As an artistic device, it allows you to draw in thin air and create just about anything you can think of.

As a complimentary product for a 3D printer, it will enable you to be more fluid with certain templates and add to the rigidity of a printed design.

Are they any good?

The jury is out on these devices. There has been many Kickstarter projects and there are quite a few on the market now. But general reviews on the internet and with users have been mixed. It appears they can be difficult to master and hard to create anything useful. However, the positive reviews say that with practice and using templates, it is possible to master and create some amazing objects.

How much do they cost?

3D printing pens are not as expensive as you would think. They range in cost but are on average are around £100 and additional plastic packs (filaments) are around £10.

What devices are available?

The 2 most popular devices on the market are as follows:

lix-3d-printing-pen Lix Pen:

Available in black matte or grey matte

The pen is currently on special offer for $139.

This special offer pack includes:

  • 1 x Lix 3D pen
  • External power adaptor
  • 1 bag random colour ABS filament
  • 1 bag random colour PLA filament
 3doodler-3d-printing-pen 3Doodler

One of the first 3D printing pens to hit the market and was built in the USA.

The pen costs around £60.

Key points:

  • Can use ABS, PLA and Flexi 3 mm filament
  • An online community and forum is available
  • Large number of stencils and tutorials available


There is no doubt that 3D printing pens have come a long way. However, you will need a lot of practice and patience to master one of these devices.

If you are considering purchasing a 3D pen then there are lots of YouTube evaluation videos and you also need to research the cost of purchasing additional filaments. But the costs aren’t going to break the bank! So have fun!