iOS image and video file storage

I know we’re all just getting used to Apple’s new iOS 11 software update, but without frazzling your

I know we’re all just getting used to Apple’s new iOS 11 software update, but without frazzling your brain too much we thought we’d update you on the new file formats for images and video. They are no longer JPG files which are the common file formats for images; instead they are HEVC and HEIF files. Our blog today will give you the details in what they are all about and how to get your files to JPG.

Apple decided that file size for some users can be issue which is why the HEVC and HEIF files have been introduced as part of iOS 11. They are designed to decrease in file size allowing customers to have extra space.

What is a JPG?

To put it in less technical terms for you, a JPG is a bunch of different colours compressed to make an image. It is the most common file format for images as they are the smallest file size.

HEVC files

This file stands for High Efficiency Video Codec which is designed to offer high quality video content but at a much smaller file size than a JPG. Now that 4K is actually a thing, Apple wanted to incorporate 4K in to the video format of the iOS 11 update which makes videos even better for the user’s experience!

HEIF files

HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image Format. This is a format that is more advanced than JPEG’s by being compressed in to a smaller file size so that iPhone users can have increased storage size for more files. The best part is that even though it is more compressed than what a JPEG is, there’s no quality lost, in fact the image still remains at a very high quality better than a JPEG.

What devices are these compatible with?

Even though the iOS update is available to every iPhone user, there are only some devices that have this file format on. From the iPhone 7 upwards and the latest iPad Pro models, the new file format is available on these devices. However, if you have any other device then the file format isn’t available to you.

Can you change the file format?

Of course you can! Otherwise Apple would probably receive a bad review on this area. You just need to follow these steps to keep your files set as JPEG:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Scroll down to ‘Photos’
  3. Click on ‘Formats’
  4. Select ‘Most Compatible’ to make the mobile device save in JPEG mode