IoT: Amazon Dash is coming to the UK

  We all know about Amazon Prime and Amazon’s same day delivery in the UK. However, you may


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We all know about Amazon Prime and Amazon’s same day delivery in the UK. However, you may or may not have heard of Amazon Dash. Launched initially in the USA, it has come to the UK.

What is Amazon Dash?

Amazon Dash buttons are small wireless buttons that can be placed around your home. Sounds odd? Not really, they are very clever.

The buttons are either pre-branded or paired to a product of your choice that you regularly purchase.

The idea is that you stick a button for a product where you use it and if you are running low, you simply press the button and an order is sent to Amazon. For example, you may have a button for washing powder stuck on your washing machine or a button for coffee next to your kettle. Simply press when you are running low and Amazon will ship you another one!


What Dash Buttons are available?

There will initially be 40 branded buttons to choose from. Each button costs £4.99 and this cost is redeemable against the customers first order.

The branded buttons are mostly for household items like kitchen rolls, washing power, coffee, etc. for household names including Andrex, Nescafe, Dettol, Fairy, Finish and Rimmel.

Amazon Dash will also allow for non-branded buttons to allow you to pair to other items. This can be done using your smartphone.

What if the kids keep pressing it?

This was a question that immediately sprang to mind, as well as my wayward friends also pressing them for fun. However, Amazon has thought of this, as you would have expected them to do so.

When an order is placed, the registered user will receive a confirmation message. In addition, you will not be able to order the same product again until the previous order has been fulfilled, which is usually within 24 hours.

Future Technology

Amazon is also going to allow Dash buttons to be integrated into household appliances. So your next washing machine may have a Dash button integrated to order extra washing powder when you run out!

Will it take off?

Amazon Dash was first launched in the USA and was initially ridiculed when launched. However, even though no sales figures have been released by Amazon, they state it has been a success in the USA and this is why they have released it to the UK and some other European countries.

The service is ultimately designed to be linked to an Amazon Prime account and therefore requires a subscription.

So, do we really need push buttons all over our house to order our shopping? Does it really make sense to stop trips to the supermarket? Will it also have an environmental impact if Amazon are delivering one item rather than us going to do a full shop? What will Amazon do with all that data they collect about us?

These Dash buttons are going to be a good indicator into how the Internet of Things (IoT) in our homes move forward and if there is a market for home goods and shopping. Amazon may be leading the way!

Check out their Web Site

For more information on Amazon Dash and the buttons available, visit Amazon.