Ipad fad?

So the iPad 2 launched here in the UK on the 25th March, to pretty mixed reviews.  Some

So the iPad 2 launched here in the UK on the 25th March, to pretty mixed reviews.  Some clearly expected Steve Jobs to announce that the new version could not only make your tea and tie your shoes laces, but hold an intelligent conversation about String Theory whilst doing it.  It may not be vastly different from the original iPad, but there are definite improvements.  It may be a minor point, but the iPad 2 is thinner, 33% thinner to be precise, but cleverly, it still manages to holds the same battery life.  It also comes with either a black or white back rather than silver, much like the iPhone. 


But one of the main differences about the iPad 2 is Apple’s dual-core A5 processor.  So why is that good?  Well it basically means there are far more opportunities for the new version and the processing speed will be up to twice as fast.  With its new processing power, games can become much more realistic and the gaming market for the iPad could be set to explode. 


It now has two cameras rather that just the one, one on the front and one on the back.  And while the iPad 2 doesn’t connect to conventional phone networks to make calls, it can be used for video calls using FaceTime via a wi-fi connection.  It’s also HDMI compatible (although you do need to buy a separate adapter for this) which means should you wish, you can plug it into the tellybox and watch YouTube on the big screen.  And the iPad 2’s slightly improved operating system makes to just that easier to use and file share with others.


AppleOf course, rumours are rife on the mill about the iPad3, which is tipped as being totally revolutionary, but then isn’t each release the latest revelation?  But I’m definitely liking the spec of the iPad 2 and I’m tempted, if only I could get hold of one anywhere!