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iPhone 11: The new Apple phone specs for 2019

The iPhone 11 has now been unveiled in the latest Apple event. Introducing 3 brand new smartphones that

The iPhone 11 specs have been announced at the Apple Event and they will be taking pre orders of the latest smartphone as of Friday 13th September! It’s an exciting time for those Apple and Gadget lovers as we get to see what the tech giants latest developments include. Not one, not two, but three different types of the 11th iPhone have been well developed and advanced that they’re sure will be in high demand. Furthermore they are in competition with other tech giants such as Samsung to keep their own products in higher demand. 

Let’s explore the 3 new smartphones and how their features are advancing to a whole new level!

iPhone 11

Firstly, let’s start with the standard iPhone 11.The brand new smartphone has one more camera added to the back with 12 megapixel camera and a 4K video capture view. This is designed to improve the performance of photos and videos to give you that professional looking display. It also comes with the latest software version which is the iOS 13 which includes brand new features such as Dark Mode, extra photographic features, music for your memories to create the perfect slideshow and much more. 

Furthermore, the mobile device comes with Face Identification only, following on from the iPhone 10 where fingerprint recognition was removes altogether for a larger screen display. The screen display comes at a 6.1 inch LCD with Liquid Retina. The battery life has not been confirmed but it is expected to last an extra hour longer than the iPhone XR. 

As we are all becoming more dependent on storage space so to accommodate our needs and demands, Apple are offering 3 different plans which are 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. 

Finally, the cost of the iPhone will be:

£729 – 64GB

£779 – 128GB

£879 – 256GB

iPhone 11 Pro

Moving on to the next level of the iPhone 11 comes the Pro. The screen size is only 5.8 inch but it comes with an OLED Super Retina screen display which is better quality than the standard iPhone 11. 

It has almost the exact same features and qualities as the original but because it is the Pro model of course it will be more enhanced and developed to make it even more appealing to tech lovers. Like the original, the Pro is water resistant, has dual SIM capabilities and wireless charging which is what everyone has been looking forward to! 

The pricing and GB space is as follows:

£1,049 – 64GB

£1,199 – 256GB

£1,399 – 512GB

They have completely skipped the 128GB of data and added a whopping 512GB data storage capabilities.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Finally, the top smartphone is last. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best and more spec filled smartphone on the market! It has a large screen size of 6.5 inches OLED Super Retina XDR with the same pixel camera resolution as the rest of the line up.

What makes it different and more feature packed is that the battery life has been improved immensely and is expected to last 5 hours longer than the XS Max, it has a larger pixel density and of course the size of the phone itself. 

The pricing for this smartphone come in 3 packages:

£1,149 – 64GB

£1,299 – 256GB

1,499 – 512GB


And of course the very final thing that people may consider the most important thing, THE COLOUR. All 3 smartphones have numerous different colours including:

  • Purple
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow 
  • Lime  Green
  • Red

All will be available to pre order from Friday 13th September and will be officially on sale from the 20th September. If you’re looking to upgrade and one of these phones seems like the perfect one for you, then we suggest you get saving now! You also have the option to trade in your current iPhone to receive discount off the new versions. 

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