iPhone 7 possible features

It’s nearly that time of year that everyone gets excited; namely when Apple release a new iPhone. And when


It’s nearly that time of year that everyone gets excited; namely when Apple release a new iPhone. And when we approach the latest release, the rumours starts circulating the internet.

Why? Well because Apple are masters of generating a frenzy around their new releases and people are generally interested in their products.

Therefore, we have collated what we believe to be the main rumours and possible features of the new release.

What will the new iPhone be called?

We don’t see any surprises with this. It will more than likely be called the iPhone 7.  There were thoughts that Apple may move away from its traditional naming system last year, but the iPhone 6S showed they didn’t appear to be any plans for this.

When will the new iPhone be released?

Apple tends to launch any new products or phones approximately around the same time every year. This means it will be announced around the 7th September and the actual products will ship a couple of weeks afterwards.

What will it cost?

The cost, again, is usually the same year on year, around £539 for the bottom of the range and all the way up to £789 for Plus sized top of the range models.

Will other iPhones reduce in price?

This generally does happen. Prices tend to drop about 25% to 30% and older models become unsupported.

Will there be a headphone jack?

This is the biggest rumour of all. Reports all over the internet has stated that the new iPhone will ship without a headphone jack. If this is the case, then it means the headphones shipped with the new iPhone will be Bluetooth or plug into the lightening charging port. People will not be happy but as with everything Apple, people will just accept it and get on with things.


A number of other manufacturers have recently been making their smartphones waterproof. But it appears that Apple will opt to make its new phone stronger. More people tend to crack their screens and this, in our opinion, would be a better feature. How many people do you know with an iPhone that has cracked their screen? We guess you will know quite a few.

Removal of the home button?

Every year people report that the home button will be removed. It hasn’t happened yet and we doubt it will happen with the next release. The home button, we guess, will change but won’t be removed. However, on IOS10 there is a new features that allows for a phone to open/wake without pressing the home button. So maybe there will be some changes after all!


We haven’t seen a truly amazing release from Apple for a while and we don’t think the new iPhone will be ground breaking or offer anything radically different. It would be nice if it did and Apple set the standard again.