Top funny responses from iPhone’s Siri

We all love a bit of a giggle and we all love little tips and tricks on our

We all love a bit of a giggle and we all love little tips and tricks on our smartphones. You wouldn’t exactly spring to mind that if you ask Siri a silly question that you would get a completely hilarious response from it. Well, there are hundreds of amusing questions that you can ask and it will in fact give you the most unexpected response that will leave you amused for days!

Here are some of the top and best responses that Siri gives you:

What is zero divided by zero?

I know what you’re thinking, obviously the answer is zero. But Siri has other things to say..


What is the best operating system?

If you think you’re getting a straight answer from Siri, you are completely wrong indeed.


Is winter coming?

For all you Game of Thrones fans, why not ask Siri this question, hopefully it’ll answer everyone else’s…


Ask Siri to beatbox

What could be more entertaining than asking your smartphone to beatbox for you and them actually doing it?


Testing the water on some of your favorite films is great to see if they know what’s coming next!


What is Inception about?

Watched the film and still don’t quite understand it? Ask Siri, they will clarify for you.


What does the fox say?

Do you remember that awful song ‘What does the fox say?’ No? Ask Siri and I’m sure they will tell you what the fox says…


What is the meaning of life?

It’s time to get deep here. Not sure what the meaning of life is? Siri will have the perfect answer for you and if I’m honest, Siri has pretty much nailed it.


Ok Google

Google? Apple? Siri will most certainly not be impressed if you said this to it. Give it a try though and see what response you get!


Tell me a story

Bored? Get Siri to tell you a story, I’m sure he’d be happy to oblige seen as they are your assistant…



There are hundreds of more hilarious commands, why not have a google for more questions and commands to give Siri?

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