Apple’s iPhone 8 event has officially been set!

It’s the event we’ve all been waiting for from Apple, and in just one week’s time, we’ll know

It’s the event we’ve all been waiting for from Apple, and in just one week’s time, we’ll know all the official details on the iPhone 8. There has also been several rumors that there will be the details of the iPhone 7S unveiled at the event and also the 7s Plus. That’s 3 phones in one event!

iPhone 8 rumors

Augmented reality support

This is the biggest feature that the world is expecting the iPhone 8 to have. AR is becoming an increasing reality instead of a fantasy or dream, so could Apple pull it out the bag with their first augmented reality smartphone?

Apple’s CEO has already hinted at the idea of AR as he commented on it as ‘a big idea like the smartphone’ in an interview with The Independent. He has also said that it is designed for everyone which makes it even more suspicious about the smartphone. Also what makes even more sense is that at the WWDC this year, he presented an AR tool kit which helps their software developers (iOS) create the AR experience for iPhones and iPads.


Facial recognition

The Samsung have already done it with their latest Galaxy S8 but the eye recognition, but could Apple replace their touch ID with facial recognition? As technology has developed there have been discussions about facial recognition and what it holds for the future.

Even airports have talked about facial recognition to replace boarding passes, so it’s not just smartphones that are getting new makeovers.


Wireless charging

We all get pretty fed up of our charging lead not being able to read the bed and you’ve got to keep getting up to see who’s text you. How about wireless charging?! This has become a topic of discussion as to what we think Apple will come up with to make this problem vanish completely.

Will they answer our prayers or will they not?


iOS 11

From the WWDC 2017 we saw Apple unveil the iOS 11 which hasn’t yet made an appearance to our iPhones yet. Why? Well, maybe they’re saving it for the release of the iPhone 8? We’ve all been itching to have iOS 11 on our phones, but it could be released with the iPhone 8. Who knows?!


The event will take place on Tuesday 12th September and you can add it to your calendar so you don’t miss a thing!