Is Sage integration the way forward for businesses?

Businesses are increasingly looking for alternative solutions to better and benefit their business in all kinds of ways.

For those who haven’t previously read up on Sage Integration, it most definitely is possible. What a lot of businesses do question or seem to ignore is that is it actually worth implementing in to your business? Once you’re in a comfortable routine it just doesn’t seem to make sense to change in the first place. Sometimes it does take trial and error to get used to something and a comfortable process, but with the technology and skills available why not? 

Without the relevant factors considered, you are in no position to decide whether it is worth changing or not. That’s why this blog will help you understand these factors which will impact your decision to integrate or stay comfy!

Current process

Firstly, you will need to analyse how you currently manage your Sage process. Whether it be manual, partially automatic or completely automatic the length of time it takes you could change how you work drastically. Here, there would be a huge change if it takes you hours to do manually than a couple of minutes automatically. 

From a business owners perspective, they will want to make use of the time saving features so that business operations run smoothly. 



Depending on the size of your business, understanding what your requirements for the process is essential. Without understanding who, what, when you need it won’t help the situation as you need to establish all of these factors. 

How many people does it take to manually input and process all your eCommerce website orders? When do they do it? How often does it take them? Could this process be simplified? 

Above are the main question you need to ask yourselves. 



Most importantly, you need to find out what your budget is. This is often discussed and set by owners, directors, managers, HR, financial controls or any other high positioned member of staff. Without a good and well planned budget strategy this can cause financial difficulty. 

You also need to understand how much the project itself will be worth, because if it is nowhere near your budget range and you need a solution then


this can be discussed with a developer. If your department is in need of a Sage integration solution, this could be put forward in which the budget can be reviewed as there could potentially be some amendments if they have authorization of the person in charge.  

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