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IVR technology – an introduction to our new service

IVR is a popular and useful piece of technology that helps businesses saving time, become more organised and

Interactive Voice Response is a piece of technology that is widely used across small, medium and large businesses across the world. You may have come across them when you call your bank or need to make a payment to the government. It has many benefits to not just the user but for the business too. The right knowledge, skills and IVR system can be used to create the right IVR for your type of business. 

This introductory blog will cover the basics of what IVR technology is, what it’s used for, how it’s used and what type of businesses can use it. 

How does it work?

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IVR is used for collecting data from a caller to either obtain information and direct them to the correct department or process any payments they need to make. There are two different processes in which this data can be collected. These are by voice recognition and phone dialling which are simple to understand. 

Voice technology IVR means that the caller will speak their query to the voice

recognition system. The system itself is designed to recognise words, letters and sounds so that the accurate description can be matched to what the caller would like. For example if you rang a bank and wanted to close an account, you would say “I want to close an account” when prompted. The system will either then transfer you to the person who will deal with this or it may give you a list of options either to do online or you may need to visit the branch.  

Have you ever wondered how your phone recognises which number you press? That’s because the sounds that are made with each number has a particular pitch which the system will pick up. It’s strange to think that the noise each number makes has an actual purpose. In a digital receptionist if you want to press 2 then the tone of that number will be registered in the system so you can be transferred easily. The same principle applies to dialling in a set of digits in a row such as your account numbers or special personalised numbers. Once you have done this it will scan through the business’ database to find the set of numbers you dialled in to bring up your details. It’s a quick and easy process which helps both you and the callee you want to speak to. 

Why is it useful?

Using IVR technology is extremely useful in a business that has several different departments in which customers will need to contact. It helps save time within a business and can help the customer/caller resolve their issues as quick as possible. Furthermore, it gives the business a first point of contact with the caller so that the call can be directed to the department that is best to deal with that query. 

When a caller rings up for a specific query i.e. a company mobile app not working. They will need to give a brief description over the phone to the IVR of this issue and it will pick up exactly what the caller has said and repeat it back to them for confirmation. This saves the company time finding out the issue on the phone when other callers are waiting on the line. When speaking to an operator, you are more likely to be detailed as they will be listening to every detail, whereas with an IVR system you must be brief for them to pick up the exact issue. 

There is nothing more frustrating than being transferred from operator to operator because they don’t know what department you need. This will be established when the system is being designed so this process is eliminated. This means customers are likely to be more satisfied calling as they are directed to the right person the first time. 

Keen to know more?

IVR technology is useful to any business regardless of industry or size. Depending on how your phone calls are structured, there is a solution for you to make call diverting and time saving efficient.

We will be publishing more content throughout the month to dig deeper in to IVR and how it can better a business and help you stand out from your competitors. 

If you’re already interested and would love to know more, simply contact our software developers who are more than happy to discuss more about IVR technology. 

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