iWatch OS4

From the WWDC 2017, apple has finally announced its iWatch OS4 bringing you new development, features and experiences.

From the WWDC 2017, apple has finally announced its iWatch OS4 bringing you new development, features and experiences. This blog will explain some of the new features that we viewed online.

To start off, it is the number one selling smartwatch in the world and Apple have also stated that it’s the number one customer satisfaction gadget they have ever designed. With its waterproof ability and health monitoring, customers could not be happier.

Siri (watchface)

The new feature comes with watchface which allows you to automatically display information on the face of the watch depending on what your activity pattern is like throughout the day. As it syncs to your calendar, it will pop up your reminder on your watch to keep you informed of upcoming events in the day. It allows you to go further in to that bit of information by raising your wrist…cool I know!



This is the design front in which the clock watch displays on your screen which gives it a cool and unique design. From the conference, they explained that there are several designs you can choose from giving their audience a selection.


In response to the Minnie and Mickey Mouse clock face design, they decided to add some more excitement to the feature, by adding Disney’s Toy Story characters in the mix. It shows a variety of great and funny animations that will easily keep your amused. These wacky features is something that people easily warm to and love.


Fitness and workout

The smart watch’s main feature is to allow people to track their fitness and health measurements in a day, which is why Apple wanted to expand on their abilities to what it can do.


When you go to the gym, you will be able to easily switch from one exercise to another, so you can easily track the amount of exercise you have done. As there are so many different fitness tracking apps, it makes it much harder to line up your smartwatch with the gym equipment…but your problem is solved! Apple introduce the two way data exchange which allows you to scan the machine and it will align your exercise from the machine to your smart watch and also the other way around. The gym equipment that it will support so far are:

  • Matrix
  • Cybex
  • TechnoGym
  • Schwinn
  • Stairmaster
  • Star Trac
  • Life Fitness


You can now select what song you want to listen from and connect it up with the Apple Bluetooth earphones. You can simply select the song you want from an album preview by scrolling up and down the device. It’s very easy and it’s much quicker than pulling out your smartphone from your pocket.



There are many more features and gadgets that Apple have announced and they will be featuring in our blogs! So keep an eye on our social media and our website as we unveil more blog posts about the WWDC 2017.

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