Our First Newsletter of 2020

Happy New Year! Our first newsletter of 2020 and a reminder about Windows 7 end of life

2020 goals

Happy New Year!

It’s 2020, a new decade, the new 20’s! And here is our first newsletter of the year. We hope everyone has had a great Christmas & New Year and are reinvigorated for the year ahead!

Cyber Security is still making the headlines…

In this month’s newsletter, we highlight two examples that have recently made the headlines. Review your Cyber Security in 2020 because, according to the UK government, 32% of businesses identified cyber security breaches or attacks in 2019 and most people expect this to rise in 2020!


Example 1: Travelex resort to pen & paper

Travelex, the foreign exchange company, has been hit by a cyber attack on New Year’s Eve.They are being held ransom to the hackers. All their computers and websites have been taken down and they are working with pen and paper.

Example 2: Dixons Carphone fined £500,000

Dixons Carphone were hit with an attack and had malware on their systems from July 2017 right through to April 2018. The ICO have concluded their investigations and fined them £500,000. As the attack was before GDPR was introduced, this is the maximum fine that could be imposed, it would have been more!


Make sure you security is up-to-date and remain vigilant. Contact us if you are unsure.


Windows 7 End of Life

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 7 from today. What does this mean for you? If you have PC’s or laptops running Windows 7, they will not suddenly stop working. However, they will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft and this means your devices will be vulnerable to security threats. Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10.

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