Why are there less women in tech jobs?

There’s so much going on recently with gender and jobs you can’t keep up! It’s emerged that females

There’s so much going on recently with gender and jobs you can’t keep up! It’s emerged that females are getting paid less than what males are in different industries which has caused a massive outburst. Then you get the whole scenario with people making comments as to specific jobs being for specific genders. Well, is this true? (insert own opinion here!).

There’s never really a right or wrong answer to this question because it’s basic on opinions of others. Some people will think that certain jobs are for males and some people think other jobs are for females. Come on guys we’re in the 21st Century here, we can do anything we choose! It has come to light that a male techie employee at Google has made a comment about women being less suited to techie roles than males. Erm, I hate to disappoint him but that’s really not the case these days! Yes, there may be a gender pay gap but who is to say that a woman can’t do a mans job or a man can’t do a woman’s job?

The facts

It is actually shown that only 20% of women are in techie jobs, which can obviously show that males are more likely to be techies than what women are. That doesn’t suggest however that a woman can’t do a techie job. Anybody is entitled to do whatever job they chose (unless it’s gender specific for certain reasons).


It is against the law to turn down candidates for their gender, as everyone should be given equal opportunities in the working industry.

Techies in different countries

Whilst 16% of undergraduate techies are female in the UK, it is completely different in countries such as India, Malaysia and Nigeria. One person has said that one time they walked in to a computer coding class in Malaysia and it was filled with over 50% of girls!

Even though it’s very popular for girls to take on computer science in those countries, as whole computer science taken up by girls has dropped significantly. This could be due to other opportunities they wish to take on as there are more jobs coming about in different sectors and industries.

Are specific jobs for specific genders?

Following on from this, people question as to whether some jobs are specific to certain genders. They can consider heavy building work more of a male thing but with other jobs that require precision and a more delicate approach (such as hairdressing) to be for females. Is this right?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there is no right or wrong answer, in fact there isn’t even an answer at all. It just depends on what people think as some people may call others unfair on their opinion and the other way around.

But what do you think?