Why do I have to keep my gadget software updated?

Keeping your Software updated is important no matter what gadget it is. For individudal and business use it's

Gadgets such as smartphones, PlayStation, Xbox and many other forms of consumer technology required updates to be actioned every so often. This is so that the user can have the best experience possible and use their device safely. We encourage users that they action and update their devices as soon as the update becomes available to them. 

In addition to this, consumer can often question why they need to update their technology. The answer will be in this blog, so keep reading!

New features

If you don’t get excited about new features on the next smartphone software update, then you’re in the wrong era! New features mean that you can do so much more, that’s if it’s a major update announced by the retailer. For instance, people get excited for new emojis and enhanced graphics and capabilities. 


Features are what keeps the audience and target market interested. Large retailers such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft all have to keep up with the latest trends, needs and wants to keep that customer interested in their products. 


The older a piece of software gets, the more data it will need to handle and the effectiveness of the performance can suffer. Software updates are there so that the performance can be enhanced (i.e. no more sluggish performance and waiting around for something to load). If your gadget performance is running slowly, make sure you check for updates just in case it wasn’t highlighted to you.


Security and Bugs

Finally and most importantly, updates are mainly for patching up potentially dangerous threats. Cyber Security is increasing and hackers are finding more ways to gain unauthorized access to devices. Whether it be your smartphone, tablet, PC or any other gadget they still need to be patched. Using your gadget without updating as and when required, this could cause a malware or virus threat which could potentially damage the software. 


Our top tips to Software Updates

To conclude this blog for today, we couldn’t leave you hanging without giving you some top tips to keeping your software updated. 

  • Always action updates as soon as your notified
  • Set your updates to automatic if you’re the sort of person to forget about checking
  • Regularly check for any updates to your gadget’s software (e.g. once or twice a week)

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