Latest Wearable: The Welt Smart Belt

    There  is no shortage of wearable tech out in the gadget market. From Fitbits to the latest




There  is no shortage of wearable tech out in the gadget market. From Fitbits to the latest Apple Watch Series 2 to the Garmin Foreruner. All of these tech gadgets are generally focused on the wrist and sell very successfully.

But are smart belts about to make headway?

A new Kickstarter project, Welt, is one of the latest new trends of Smart Belts. It isn’t the first smart belt to hit the market as French made Belty is already available.

The difference with Welt is that it is backed by Samsung, so has the weight of a multi-national behind its development. So why the Kickstarter project? Well it appears they wanted to see if there was a market for a smart belt and sure enough, there does seem to be one as the funding goal doubled in just a few days!

So what can it do?

Well, the Welt Smart Belt tracks 3 main areas of your health. 1) Food Intake, 2) Activity Level and 3) Your Waist Line.




Tracking your activity levels

It monitors your activity level by having an inbuilt pedometer so can track your steps and calorie burn. It therefore also knows when you have been stationary for long periods, like sitting at your desk.

Monitoring your waist line

The innovative area of the Welt Smart Belt is in the clasp and buckle. The new technology has a magnetic sensor that tracks your waist size in real-time. So it can monitor throughout the day as well over the long term to monitor your weight.

Battery life

The Welt Smart Belt battery will last for 20 days on one full charge. It has a micro USB port which is used to charge the belt.

What about fashion?

If you’re buying a belt, you generally are considering the colour and style. Wearable tech has to be fashionable.

Welt, in its standard version, is available for men in black and blue and for women in beige and light brown. The premium version has different colours.

They market the product as having varied styles for both formal and casual, but there isn’t a great deal of choice.

The app – getting feedback

There is a Welt app, which is available for IOS and Andriod. This app aims to provide personalized health guidance though simple overviews. Detailed data is also available.




There hasn’t been many smart belts released onto the market, and maybe this is a sign the market doesn’t need one. However, this Kickstarter is going strong and the general public do like new and innovative wearable health tech. One thing we do predict is that people won’t have 2 or 3 wearables, one does seem to be enough for the immediate future. Cost is a factor but on-one wants to be buzzing all the time and trying to make sense of different data on different apps.