Generating leads using Content Marketing

There are many forms of Marketing, but what do you have to do with Content Marketing? First of

There are many forms of Marketing, but what do you have to do with Content Marketing? First of all, it’s pretty explanatory…you use content to help market your brand and business. You have to be careful where you publish content and you also need to be wary about copying other people’s content. If you aren’t quite sure in how to generate leads through content marketing, keep reading, if you do then keep reading anyway you may learn something new!

Make the content engaging

Nobody will read a string of text if it bores them to the high heavens. If you make it really interesting and engaging then people are more likely to read on. Depending on what the content is and where it’s being posted you can keep the conversation as casual. Nobody likes a monotone piece of text, it just sends you straight to sleep!

Remember – engaging content will bring people in more!

Is your content useful?

To get people interested in your products apart from telling them what it is you do, you need to make sure that your content is useful. It’s like psychology as I say. Don’t hard sell to them by saying ‘We have this product for (X) amount’ as this sort of content just makes people switch off immediately. In fact, they probably read the first sentence and think it’s not for them.

The trick is to talk about things that have happened in the industry or certain routines that you product can be apart of. If you wanted to advertise make up to people you want to stress the added and unique features that the product has and how it can benefit you. So the best way to describe it is don’t hard sell, just make your audience think about the benefits and what good it would do so it can enhance their purchasing/inquiry behavior.

Do not copy content

Using topics similar to others is totally okay but the same content is most definitely not! Being in business means you should know that copying other people’s content is completely prohibited. You could face consequences you could of completely avoided so in order to try and avoid this, you can use a plagiarism checker that will tell you if any of your content is plagiarized.


Linking some of the things you talk about in your content is useful for your audience. For example take the above link; as I was talking about plagiarism checkers why not link you to one? It lets you see what the site is and an example of what you can use in the future.

In some of our blogs we link to other businesses because their services may be useful to you to help with anything we discuss. It just gives you that nice and friendly edge (even though many of you should know we’re friendly and always happy to help!).

Social content

Social Media content is always great to build up your brand and start to market your business. We have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Why not give us a follow and see what we have to say?!