Leased line vs Fibre Optic Broadband Lines

Leased lines and Fibre Broadband - which is better? Depending on who will use it and your budget

What’s the difference? Which one is better? These are the most common questions asked when deciding on the best option for you as an individual or a business. The internet is a mind field and for those who don’t know much about the technicalities of it such as speed, types of internet etc. that’s why we’re here! Our aim is to make the technical aspects easier to understand and put it in less technical terms. 

It can often be confusing when you have to do something, but not quite sure where to go because you simply do not understand any of the terminology used. Once you become more familiar and learn the ins and outs of something it can be easier and give you a starting point. The internet is a huge place and you want the best performance possible for you and/or your employees. As a business, you require a reliable solution that can handle a lot of activity and usage, whereas if you are an individual at home and there isn’t much activity all at once then a cheaper plan may be recommended for you.

What is a leased line?


A leased line is a broadband connection dedicated to you and you only. You rent a single line which powers your internet for just you rather than having to share connection with your neighbors and other businesses next to you. 

Lots of businesses use leased lines as it’s a quick solution for internet and is reliable and secure. It’s beneficial if you host a website or download and upload data because a leased line has the capacity to support this. 

What is the difference?


There are several differences between the two different types of broadband and it’s entirely up to you which one you think is best for you whether you’re a business or individual. They both have pros and cons (which every product will have) so it’s best not to expect all benefits on one or the other.

Leased Lines

  • Costing depends on your location and the distance between you and the provider
  • A set up that only you or your businesses uses – isn’t shared with others
  • Symmetrical download speeds from downloading and uploading (without customization)

Fibre Broadband

  • Offered at a fixed cost 
  • Shared with other people surrounding your area
  • Download capacity is larger than the uploading capacity

Pros and Cons of Leased Lines


  • Reliable for speed quality
  • More secure as you have control
  • Upgrades are easily accessible
  • High capacity rate
  • One of the most reliable broadbands 


  • Cost can be expensive 
  • Delivery – set up and delivery can take 60-72 days

Pros and Cons of Fibre Broadband


  • Easy to install and new equipment can cover original fibre
  • Connection quality – resistant to electromagnetic interference
  • High security 
  • Long-term cost-effective


  • Physical damage is higher as they’re small and thin wires
  • Not recommended for short-term

For business

As an IT provider, we are knowledgeable in the technicalities behind broadband, so based on whether your a business or an individual and how active you or numerous people are at any one time, we can recommend what kind of broadband would be suitable for you. 

If you’re unsure and would like some help, please fill out the details below for our team to contact you to discuss more. 

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