Life After Lockdown: Our Tech Predictions

During the Covid-19 lockdown, our dependency on tech increased significantly but what can we expect when things go

During the Covid-19 lockdown, our dependency on tech increased significantly. It has connected friends and family and kept businesses operating, helping us get through this uncertain time.

But what can we expect when things go more “normal”? Will we still be as dependent on the same tech now? Here are some of our predictions of how some of the tech we’ve adopted during lockdown and new developments will continue to play a role in our everyday lives.

In the Office

Coronavirus changed the way we worked in a big way and paved the way to a “Zoom Boom”, with many people from around the world using the video conferencing platform for those all-important meetings. Even with businesses returning back to normal as much as possible, video chats may still take over face-to-face meetings, not only to help with social distancing, but to reduce travel time and costs as well. And while nothing beats enjoying a chat over a coffee, when time and/or travel is an issue, a video conference can be useful.

And Zoom isn’t just great for those in an office setting. Shop owners have been using it to connect with their customers, give demonstrations and create personalised shopping experiences, a trend we think will continue.

Other tools that companies have turned to during this period will also be advantageous in a more normal office setting, like Microsoft Teams (as seen in our last blog) for streamlining workflows and boosting productivity. It is also useful if some employees are still working from home while others are in the office or for those who are working flexibly, allowing that collaborative working in any setting.

The Social Scene

The way we socialise with others will be different than what we are used to, at least for the time being. During the last few months, restaurants, pubs and clubs have had to close their doors, but will soon slowly reopen safely. To do this, establishments may turn to the use of apps for customers.

These apps can give customers the information they need to be able to safely enjoy an evening out. This could include current capacity and making reservations, ordering food and drinks to eliminate having to go to the bar and even offering a virtual queue for the toilet!

Tech for Travel

The travel industry has unfortunately taken a major hit as Covid-19 stopped nearly all non-essential travel. Tech will be key in helping it resume, and thankfully, tech companies are working hard at developing new ways people can travel safely.

Infrared technology is already being used at some airports and train stations in other countries to detect a fever, allowing health screenings to be done at a distance.

Apps will also be heavily relied on to give up-to-the-minute travel information and for touch free check-ins. Apps can also give information on popular tourist destinations, crowds and like for restaurants, put you in a virtual queue where necessary.

Helping Us Stay Connected

While tech cannot replace a physical presence, it has still managed to bring some positivity in these times and has enabled family, friends and organisations communicate when most needed. No doubt, the tech we have depended on so much during this period will still play an important role as we find our feet again after lockdown and beyond.

If you or your organisation would like to learn more about finding the latest in tech or software that fits the changing needs of both your employees and customers, then get in touch with our team who are happy to help!

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