A day in the life of a Software Developer

Ever wondered what the day-to-day life is like of a software developer? Well, with our latest blog here

Being a Software Developer comes with great patience! When our Software Developers get to work, when they’re in the zone they are in a whole new world. Our blog today is dedicated to our Software Developers Peter, and Joe. Their hard work and dedication led to the creation of our new website, our database and much more for our lovely clients!

A little overview of our Software genius'

Peter is one of two Directors at Aspect IT who has 18+ years experience in Software Development. He attended the University of Huddersfield and graduated with a BA

Joe is another one of our Software Developers who has over 15 years experience working with development projects. He works closely with our customers and enjoys

hons in Computing in Business. He loves his cups of tea settling for no less than 5 brew a day!

a variety of work! Joe is also a qualified yoga instructor which means free yoga sessions for us!

Step 1 - Make a good brew!

First things first, if you don’t come in to the office and make a brew first thing, I’m sorry to tell you but you’re doing it wrong. A good cup of tea, coffee, green tea or whatever you love is the kick start you need to your busy day; and if you’re a Software Developer you need them on tap! 

Step 2 - Organize your desk and tasks

Too specific? Not really when you live the life of a Software Developer! Pad, pen, extra paper, desk phone, mobile phone, spare pens, geeky software gadgets, stress ball – all the essentials required!

Jokes aside, organization is key especially when you have big projects to work on and prepare for the unexpected.

Step 3 - Have a morning catch up

Communication is key! As Joe works remotely from home, a daily, hourly catch up is completely necessary. Jobs that are in progress or completed by either Peter or Joe need to be communicated so they’re both aware of what is done and what is in progress. 

Changes to Software needs to be communicated efficiently or something could go wrong. 

Step 4 - Head down and work on projects

Depending on major or minor changes, they need to work together so that whatever the customer needs can be done effectively. Whether it’s creating a website, a piece of software, or even making minor changes to existing projects it must be done right, fully and efficiently. 

Step 5 - Lunch!

Everyone needs their rocket fuel and a break. Not because they’re hungry but also because it’s a legal working requirement to take a break and it clears their minds of the busy morning they have had already. 

Destressing yourself and having lunch allows a clear mindset on tackling the rest of the day!

Step 6 - Continue with daily projects!

You’re back from lunch and it’s time to continue! Some things don’t go smoothly as customers can ring up and report a problem they have encountered on their software that requires our guys to fix. If it’s major then it’s done immediately and worked on until it is completely resolved. – Phew! Panic over (if it’s a simple fix). 

Step 7 - Brew number 10

Depending on if you like your brews like Peter does, it’s time to make brew number 7! A good, strong tea keeps the energy going which you definitely need in the afternoon. 

Step 8 - Wrap up tasks completed

Before the day ends, Peter and Joe have a catch up to what they have both been up to during the day so they can both assess what is left t be done, what advancements and improvements have been made and what is next. 

It helps them get projects completed and issues resolved so that our customers can be pleased with the job being done so quickly!

Step 9 - Go home, sleep, repeat

After a busy day, it’s time to call it a day and switch off for the evening – if all the major and important work has been completed to satisfaction. Switching off and resting gives your body a chance to wind down and relax before the day begins again the day after (unless it’s Friday obviously!) If it’s Friday then go home, get a takeaway and chill until Monday comes around!

Interested in what we do?

If you’re interested in our Software Development, you can visit our “What we do” section on our website. 

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