LinkedIn has added a new feature to their page

LinkedIn has added a new feature to their social business platform. It's been in high demand for a

LinkedIn is the place to go for business. It’s like an online CV and it helps businesses seek employment, gain a larger customer based and most importantly, help build them as a brand. Their latest feature is what every company page needs and it’s proving to be successful already. 

If you haven’t heard or even seen already then check out this blog to find out exactly what LinkedIn have done and how they have listened to their audience. 

About LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a business platform that allows people to connect with one another and share content, ask for recommendations and anything else business related. It’s almost like Facebook but more professional. Your profile is like an online CV which allows people to see what you, what your job role is, your previous experiences etc. It’s handy for those who are looking for work as a lot of recruiters actively look for candidates suitable for job roles.

The problem

With LinkedIn you could connect with individual profiles, but as a business profile you couldn’t do anything but post. It got to a point where people were asking questions to how can they promote and gain impressions on their business’ LinkedIn profile if you cannot connect with people from it. 

Of course, you could share the content on your own personal profile, but who 


is to say that it actually gets the views and follows on your page. The simplest way to do it is by including links across your website, twitter, personal LinkedIn profile and other platforms. 

The solution


Their latest feature now allows you to invite your connections to connect and like your company page. It’s a fantastic feature as it will help businesses increase their followers directly through the connection request. Once this has been sent, the end user will be notified about the connection request so it will be visible that the request has been made. 

It shows your LinkedIn connections that your company and company page exists and it can help increase followers, post impressions and most importantly, attract attention to your website. 

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