LinkedIn to introduce video creation

Every social media platform is becoming more similar by the day. But what do you think of video

Every social media platform is becoming more similar by the day. But what do you think of video creation on a business platform? LinkedIn will allow users to create videos and post them on their profiles and network.

Why is video coming to LinkedIn

It’s said that the use of video creation will allow you to connect with your audience better as they get a visual representation of yourself and your business. When posting something it can look like one thing when it can mean another. It happens with everything that you post, so by using videos you can connect with your audience better with the emotion that you convey.

Also you can get your point across better than one big long post and it’ll save someone an extra few minutes of their life (which some people consider that important believe it or not).

The videos will only allow 30 seconds so you can’t spend your whole time waffling, but it’s a great start for LinkedIn.



For all of you who are on LinkedIn, you always find someone telling you their personal experiences or experiences of others in their posts (which is really interesting to read) but what if they told it in video format?

Sometimes it’s better to hear someone tell the story rather than read it maybe?

It is currently available to frequent contributors at the moment but it will soon be available to all.


Every loves a question and answer session, which is why video would be a useful thing for LinkedIn. It gives someone to expand on frequently asked questions so they don’t have to put it in jargon note form. Videos allow you to give your audience a clear and better understanding of certain things because it’s so much harder to get it down on messages.

Although LinkedIn will not have live video, you can always post out that you have a Q and A coming up so it gives people the chance to ask you the questions and then you can structure your response in a positive and useful way.