Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

I recently replaced my father’s laptop for him; the old one ended up in the hands for my

I recently replaced my father’s laptop for him; the old one ended up in the hands for my two younger brothers who promptly proceeded to destroy it in a very brutal way. One cause for amusement was the amount of crumbs, dried up drinks and general detritus that came out when the keys were ripped off. This got me thinking, how much filth doesthe average keyboard  getexposed to throughout its life.

My dad is generally a very clean and tidy man and was alarmed to find so much rubbish in his keyboard, we discussed the visible and invisible dirt, bacteria, grime and other nasty’s a keyboard must be exposed, this made me cringe, a lot!

I continued my trawl around the net and stumbled upon this, the Logitech washable keyboard (why did I not think of it!?) which I found very interesting.

The washable keyboard or Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 to give it its full title does what you would expect, you can stick it under a tap and get it clean.

I have on occasion wiped my keyboard as I generally dust around the pc but naturally I have never got the stuff from inside it, I don’t really think it can be done on my keyboard, well not if a wish to use it again. Being able to run it under the tap would ensure a minty fresh keyboard every time.

This is not a one trick pony though, the keys are laser printed to ensure they do not fade or come out in the wash (ahem) and Logitech claim it will last 5 million key strokes. The design of the keyboard is modern and sleek with a mac-esque look to it.

They don’t say if it dishwasher friendly (I suspect not) but the ability to thoroughly clean it down should be a great feature for computers founds in restaurants and garages etc.