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Organic Marketing – Why it’s a Thing of The Past

Marketing is a huge field and more ways to market a busines are rapidly increasing. However, what is

Marketing in business has become a high priority over the years. At first it was always the traditional sales techniques such as leaflets, door-to-door sales and other printed material. With the Internet providing individuals and businesses with more opportunities online and more capabilities, marketing is now more popular than ever. 

However, Marketing can often be mistaken for sales. Although the two come hand in hand, Marketing is more about generating publicity for the business and promoting the brand mainly to attract potential customers to the website. Once the potential makes an enquiry, this is when the sales element comes in. The sales people in the business have the job to try and convince the lead to turn in to a customer. Without Marketing, sales would be much harder, especially with GDPR as you cannot have business details kept on file without their permission.

Organic Marketing and Paid Marketing are very different and can have very different outcomes. Today’s blog will explain in more detail how they differ and what impact they can have on a business. 

Organic Marketing

Marketing Organic Thinking

With Organic Marketing, it means that you are not paying for anything to enhance your visibility and do not pay for any extras to make yourself noticed. For example, Social Media is one way of organic marketing unless you pay for a campaign. Furthermore if SEO is done right on your website this is an organic method of marketing. 

There are many different ways of marketing your brand and many different

platforms for you to use. Blogging for your website is a great opportunity as it gives you the space to educate your viewers on your products, services and to keep them entertained with other insightful blogs too. Press releases are also a source of organic marketing as you get coverage that back links to your website which makes yourself known to a wider audience. 

The effectiveness of doing it organically can be effective if done right. This comes with knowledge, experience and knowing your potential’s interests. Once you know that, it will be easier to generate online content to help direct traffic to your website. 

Paid Marketing

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Of course paid marketing is self explanatory. You pay for features, packages or campaigns to help boost your rankings and online presence. For example, if you wanted to run a campaign via social media then the tools are available for you to do so. It allows you to personalize what posts and content you want to push and offers different alternatives for the purpose of your

campaign. It’s useful because it gets you ahead of your competition and allows you to reach a wider audience. With organic marketing, you’re relying on your current following on social media, SEO and the skills of your team. 

Paid Marketing is often tricky as you want to pay for the tools and campaigns that you feel will benefit you as a business. For instance it’s no use running a campaign to boost followers on social media when that it not what you want to achieve or you’re not actively utilizing it. There are businesses out there that design tools to help organizations gain more traffic, attention and coverage.

Why Paid Marketing is a good idea

Marketing is becoming more of a competition for a business as you need to think of ways to stay ahead of your competitors. It is a tough field to be in as your job is to get leads directing them to your website and help the sales team turn them in to customers. There a a number of reasons why you should utilize paid marketing solutions. 

Grow your business

The purpose of a company is to grow, so to in order to do that they need more customers. To get more customers they need to get their name out there as far and wide as possible. Paid marketing increases the chances of leads which will then turn in to clients which in the long run grows a business. 

Ahead of your competition

Paying to help further your brand helps you reach the areas your competition may not. The problem with organic marketing is getting your brand pushed far enough for people to know you exist. You may have access to resources that your competitors don’t which is an advantage to you. 

More experience and knowledge 

Exploring different ways of generating business will help you determine what works specifically for you. Not everything will work for you which is where trial and error comes in to find out what has proved successful. You will need the appropriate measuring and analytics tools for this also.

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