We teamed up with Mahdlo for Mental Health Awareness Week

Last week we teamed up with Mahdlo for Mental Health Awareness week. We helped youths be confident with

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week which is dedicated to spreading awareness of how important it is to help others to speak out and encourage support for one another. Our Marketing Executive, Danielle was on her monthly visit to Mahdlo to help people on their Get a Job Program with their CVs and interview preparation. 

Why we work with Mahdlo

Each month, our Marketing Executive, Danielle visits Mahdlo to help inspire and encourage youths to their careers on their six week Get a Job Program. Mahdlo is a charity that helps bring youths off the streets and in to the centre to take part in activities, express their career and hobby interests, offering support and guidance in getting jobs. 

From a business perspective, it gives the youths someone of experience how


it feels to go through interviews, what works for them and how they can prepare pre, during and post job careers and interviews. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

This year Mental Health Awareness Week was from Monday 13th May until Sunday 19th May. It a week to make the extra effort to raise awareness and offer support to those who need it. 

Aspect IT worked with Mahdlo to raise awareness of Mental Health in the workplace and how you can reach out to others to get some


support internally. As a small business, Aspect IT cares about the well being of all their staff and offer the support that employees may need to feel at ease. 

We wanted to raise awareness and be confident that we can help youths not let their mental health get in the way and encourage them to either speak up or get the help that they need. Some employees do not open up about their mental health in the workplace and more awareness needs to be raised to show that every business will offer some kind of support. 

Why it's important we work with Mahdlo

Aspect IT are keen to get involved with the community so the best way to do this is by working with Mahdlo’s Get a Job Program to help youths get their career on track and to give them help on composing their CV, what they can do in interviews, what paths are available to them depending on how they learn and more. 

We wanted to bring Mental Health in to it recently to show that it


will not stop you from getting a job and that a business can offer support in numerous ways.

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