Advertisements are coming to Facebook Messenger

To build on getting a business out there and for Facebook to make more money, they are now

To build on getting a business out there and for Facebook to make more money, they are now going to be advertising through their Facebook Messenger app. It’s all about advertisement these days so many businesses are taking any opportunity possible to get their advertisement anywhere that is possible.


Why are there so many advertisements?

More businesses are going online and more importantly so are their target audience, so what’s a better way to target your audience than the place that they use the most? You would want to try everything to bring in the customers so advertising online is the way forward (or at least becoming the way forward).

There is a constant rise in the competition as well. Yes, you may have a unique selling point that makes your business stand out, but so will your competition. It’s just a case of analyzing how you can push your business to make advertisements that will really stand out and that will attract a customer to you rather than your competition.

They’re annoying!

Now, if you’re watching a video on Facebook you’re getting to the good part and all of a sudden, it’s ruined by an advertisement mid video. They’re so annoying and it does frustrate you, but what if that was your advertisement? You wouldn’t find it annoying then would you?

I know what you’re all thinking, the advert could just come at the start of the video instead of straight in the middle of it. But how else are Facebook going to get themselves business if they turn around and say to people: “Sorry we’ve already got an advertisement at the start of the video” – that is going to frustrate customers that actually want to pay Facebook to display their advertisement.

How will it work?

The way it will work is that the advertisement will appear on your timeline as you scroll through your feed which will include a call-to-action button in it. You will then have the opportunity to act on this call-to-action which will take you straight to messenger where they will open the conversation with a structured introductory message.

This will start to take place soon, so if you become interested in an advertisement on your timeline, you can always have a chat with them for more information. This way, it saves you from trying to find their Facebook page, you’re more inclined to be interested if you can just go straight there rather than going all the way around.