Microsoft 365 Security Protection Features

Microsoft 365 ensures that all data and platforms are protected as much as possible. Cyber Security is an

Microsoft Office 365 is an online Exchange system that many businesses and individuals use for their emailing system. It’s a popular platform as it is designed by Microsoft and is a trustworthy product for obvious reasons. The security is something that is not only done by Microsoft as well but needs to be done by you also. This is because Microsoft can only go so far and physically do so much to help protect your data, accounts and financial information. The rest is then down to you.

Cyber Security is high risk to businesses because individuals are unaware of the consequences it could bring to the business. Not only that, hackers are finding new ways to gain unauthorised access to data which is why people who are more aware of these types of threats need to educate the less knowledgeable ones more. 

This is exactly why we are creating this blog today for you, so you can rely on people like us to keep you up to date with any threats and what you should be actively doing as a business to help maximise security. 

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication gives you that extra layer of protection against those that try to gain access to your Office 365 account. Anything to do with your password reset or to keep the extra layer when you log in to your account you can be sent a code to your mobile device or an alternative email. This means you cannot log in to your emails without this code which only you will receive. 


This can be manually set up in case it’s something you do not wish to do. It comes in handy if you do not have the right PC protection software and emails are becoming an increasing target.

Office Message Encryption

Depending on the company policies, you may be able to encrypt your emails. If you’re an individual user it is easy to set up. You just need to adjust the permission settings in the options tab which will give you the option to encrypt certain emails. Many hackers often set up rules within the account to direct any emails with terms such as “payment” or “invoice” to their email instead of yours. 


This is something that you may wish to discuss with your local IT provider or someone high up in the business. 

Security Software

Installing Security software on your PC will work with Office 365. Should any threats come through your email account, the anti-virus and anti-malware software will detect this and remove it completely. If this does happen to you then you need to change passwords, get your IT team or provider to run any checks to make sure it is safe to use again. Otherwise, you could be using your email 


account unaware that someone is watching and reading all the emails you send and can compromise your account. 

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