Microsoft’s new design system

So we’ve already had the latest Windows 10 Creators update; now we have their new fluent design system,

So we’ve already had the latest Windows 10 Creators update; now we have their new fluent design system, featuring a whole new look of the desktop.

They have completely redesigned features such as email, file management and viewing of the weather and time. Today’s blog will give you a snapshot of the new designs so you can see for yourslef how cool and quirky it is.

New email design


The new email design looks very modern and up to date. It’s a good thing to have a redesign of something once in a while. It makes people more interested in what clever and creative ideas you can come up with and present to your audience.

As you can see from the old microsoft design and the newest version, they look completely different. Everyone loves it when something has a new and fabulous design to show. Comparing the two together, it’s obviously going to be the new version that has the most modern design.

File management

Everyone has lots of file and documents that need to be saved in an appropriate place, so file management is an important feature. The new design is more up to date as you can have images as the file preview. It’s very simple to access and go back in and out of folders which you can do efficiently on the old version, it just looks miles better.

File-management-windows-10 old-file-management-windows-10

The two designs are completely different. Looking at the old design, it makes the layout computer generated and ‘old fashioned’ per say. Designing now a days is all about making something unique. The colour scheme is rather neutral and it is more professional looking.

Weather/Time design

time-windows-10 weather-windows-10

What do you think of this cool design? The awesome feature is that with the time, it looks as though to background adapts to what it would typically look like outside. Also with the weather it gives you a visual picture of what the weather forecast is (IN 3D!) – it’s all about the visuals these days, it just makes everything look fuller and more interesting.


Now that the Creators update allows you to use a stylus to make your creations, you will be able to browse the internet by writing in the browser what you would like to search for (see below). It’s a great and unique feature to have as it is a relatively new feature. As long as your writing is recognizable to the search engine, it’ll be perfect!


There’s a lot more features for you to look at. Just wait until the update is released and then you will be able to explore the new, user friendly design!