Top questions asked about Microsoft Office 365 email

Microsoft Office 365 email can be difficult to understand with technical elements and especially if you aren't an

Microsoft Office 365 email is a Cloud based emailing system which enhances a business to be more flexible with written communication. For instance, remote workers that often travel will still have access to their business email despite being away from the office. You may occasionally come across features that you are unsure of. Lucky for you this blog will help answer some of the most common questions asked about Microsoft Office 365 emails. 

What is the clutter folder?

Microsoft Office is a clever application because it behaves differently towards each user. Nobody has the same thinking and reading patterns which is why it is more personal to you. 

The purpose of the ‘clutter’ folder is to remove any emails not relevant to you and place them in the clutter folder. For instance, if somebody doesn’t read emails from a specific sender, these emails would go straight to the clutter as the platform detects your email patterns. 


Can I work with colleagues on documents?

In addition, Office 365 allows you to work with others just by using one document. For example, a document may require more than one person to work on it. Within OneDrive, you can edit the document by adding comments and making changes which can also be done at the same time as one another. 

If you’re a little unsure, Microsoft’s guide will help you out >>> Use Office Online to work together with Office 365.


Can I use Microsoft Office 365 email on my smartphone?

The answer is of course! Microsoft Office 365 is Cloud based so you can access it via the Internet. As long as you have a good connection whether it’s 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi then you can access it from any device possible.

It comes of use to many businesses because these days, many organisations


are practical and active. For instance, employees work from home, attend overnight conferences and require access to emails etc. With standard emailing systems you are limited to functionality. 

Is it reliable?

In terms of reliability, as quoted by Microsoft themselves, email up time is 99% which means they will experience close to no problems at all. The platform is well hosted by Microsoft and maintained so that down time is minimal.

Following this, the Cloud is becoming an increasingly reliable and secure source because the development of the Internet is increasing and it is an alternative backup and storing solution for files and documents. 



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