Is Microsoft Paint coming to an end?

Yesterday, it was revealed that Microsoft would be getting rid of their Paint feature as part of the

Yesterday, it was revealed that Microsoft would be getting rid of their Paint feature as part of the Creator’s update. But as they have seen so much support and people voicing that they’re in favor of it, have they changed their minds?

Since the 1980s, Paint has been a real hit with the public as they like to doodle and create little graphics on the app. When people say what was your childhood, people will name countless things and one of them is probably going to be ‘Paint’. If you were bored on a rainy day, just fire up that PC and create a stain glass window effect on the program and that would keep you going for at least 2 hours and it also created a masterpiece for yourself.


About Paint

In 1985, Paint was released as the start of the Graphic Design era. It allowed people to create quirky designs, but obviously it was the bare minimum compared to what is about today. It was released in the first version of Windows 1.0 which became an instant hit with Windows users.

32 years later, we have Paint 3D and obviously with technology being more advanced, Microsoft decided that Paint has become outdated and that there is no real need for the original program to stay on all the updates anymore, which is why they decided that it was time to say goodbye to the program.

The news didn’t go down well with the public

Once Microsoft had released the news, social media platforms like Twitter went absolutely wild over the news, claiming that it was very upsetting to learn the news that such a great program was coming to an end. It was tweeted about that much, it became the second most trending topic on Monday!

People were making as much use of the program as possible (including us) to say R.I.P to the app which will be gone forever…

…or not, as Microsoft have released more news and guess what?! It’s here to stay! With the world showing their dedicated support for the program, Microsoft have decided that they are going to keep the program on.

They probably thought that because the program was so outdated, it would be best to get rid, but obviously not. Paint is here to stay for a while longer!