Why I find it so hard to move away from Apple

When choosing a new phone, people often stick with the same brand they've used previously. Here is my

I love my iPhone! I’m sure all you Android users are reading this blog thinking what’s so good about Apple. Well, my question for you is what is so good about Android that can steal me away from Apple? 

Have you ever been in a position where you come to renew your phone contract and think to yourself what do I want next? Do I get the next model, do I go for a new brand completely? We’ve all been there. I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 4 and now I own the iPhone 7+; I had the 6 previously but couldn’t decide whether to stick with Apple or try an Android.

Why is it so hard to come away from a device you’ve had for a number of years and trying something new? Well, can on reading and I’ll tell you why I find it hard to come away from Apple.

Used to how it works

When I’ve used something for so long and I get the hang of how it works, I don’t like to change because I like the way it works. Have you ever had a set way of doing something such as a daily routine and you could optionally change it, would you? I considered the Samsung Galaxy as I didn’t like that the headphone jack was removed, but in the end I decided to give it a try again!


I like the features

With the Apple iPhone 7, I love the design and the way the operating system looks. I can find things quickly and I’ve seen the look of a Samsung and it just seems to complicate my mind even more! I know there’s other options such as a Nokia but if I was to change phones, I would opt for a Samsung. 


On my phone I like the touch ID, the camera, the layout of the home screen and many other features but as a whole it is a phone that I like to keep active on. 

Camera quality

I know there’s lots of different phones that have better quality than others, but personally I do like the camera quality on the iPhone. The only con would be when zooming in the images starts become pixelated. 

If the phone as a whole was bad quality, didn’t function and I genuinely hated it but the camera was still of a decent quality, I think I would still change phones. With everything combined that I like it makes me not want to change devices. 


What will I do when I need to renew my contract?

This is where the serious thinking comes in because I have no idea! I’m not too keen on the iPhone X as the full thing including the back is glass and unfortunately I don’t trust myself as I’ve experienced dropping my phone several times! Plus the cost doesn’t really appeal to me so unless I decide to go for the iPhone 8, then changing from Apple would sadly be the alternative option!

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