Need a quick VoIP solution for your home workers?

These are challenging times for all businesses. Home working is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19 and

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working at home has suddenly become an essential part of everyday life. The shift in working patterns has been rapid, and many companies have had to adapt very quickly. And when the pandemic has gone, many people agree that there could be a permanent shift in working behaviours and patterns towards more home working.

This quick shift to homeworking has highlighted deficiencies in many companies’ disaster recovery plans, including an inability to quickly implement flexible working. However, there are very simple ways to implement VoiP technology for home workers which can help improve communication channels.

What is VoIP?

Firstly, if you don’t know what VoIP is, then take a look at a few of our other pages and blogs. This will give some background information about some of the terms used in the rest of this post.

A Single Telephone Number

If you are a micro business, renting a single VoIP telephone line may be sufficient for you or another employee. A single VoIP line can cost less than £5 per month to rent, and you can have as many numbers as you require. Call costs are additional of course.

This simple solution allows you to make and receive calls wherever you are, as well as saving money on expensive line rental.

Call credit is added in a web portal and therefore you can control the amount that is spent. This also saves the hassle of your employee(s) claiming expenses for using their own phones.

Because calls can be made and received through a mobile phone using a simple to install app called a soft-phone, no additional equipment is required.

Case Study: We recently provided a micro-business, which has one employee, a single line solution. Switching their BT line to a hosted VoIP telephone line has saved line rental costs and allowed them to make and receive calls from their home during this current lock-down period.

A full telephone system

If you have numerous employees working from home, then a cloud hosted telephone system is the quickest way to get everyone connected.

These systems are normally referred to as a “hosted PBX system“. They differ from the single line method discussed above, in that it allows each employee to have their own extension. And because the system is all held in the cloud, it means that no specialised equipment is required in your office or the homes of your employees.

Each employee can use an app on their mobiles, called a soft-phone, to make and receive calls. This means everyone can be connected quickly without having to send out handsets or any other equipment.

You can transfer your existing telephone number to a hosted VoIP PBX, or you can have an entirely new telephone number.

How we can help your company

These are undoubtedly challenging times and we hope everyone stays safe and well.

If you are interested in finding a VoIP solution that gives your company the flexibility it needs, then contact us today.

We are VoIP experts and have helped countless companies make the switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP system, giving them the flexibility to make and receive calls from anywhere.

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