Causes of data loss and why a laptop backup is needed

What would you do if your laptop got stolen and you had no backup? Our blog highlights causes

Most people think they’re fine just backing up their PC on business premises, but do they ever think about the possibility of files and data going missing overnight? It’s essential to consider all elements that you may store important information on. Otherwise, the consequences could be drastic. You may not think of the obvious right know, but once you’ve read our blog, you’ll have a better understanding of why it’s important to backup your laptop data.

Stolen Laptop


Cars and buildings can often be broken in to and if a laptop is there in sight, we guarantee it’ll be gone the next day. Once a thief gets hold of your laptop, they can easily get your data via the hard drive; they don’t need the password to obtain that information. 

This is probably one of the common reasons that people do not think about. Always remove expensive and valuable items from your car and keep them with you at all times. 

Data breach


A data breach can happen to anyone whether you’re an individual or a business. Without a reliable backup, once your data is taken over there is a high risk that it will never be restored. We have seen a number of business suffer data breaches and the cost nowadays could set you back financially. We would advise you backup your data to your business’ server and the Cloud so that you are able to restore any lost data. 

Accidental deletion


You simply cannot go through life without deleting something off your PC by mistake. We’ve all done it! However, the most frustrating thing is not being able to get it back especially when it’s an important file. That is why backups are always useful, because you can always turn to a spare copy so you have minimum data loss. 

Head in the right direction

In addition to the consequences above, you want to act soon rather than later. Although you may think your laptop data is safe without a backup, you never really know until it’s too late. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure your data and files are safe on your laptop.


The most essential thing is backups! It’s the main top of this blog. Backed up files will save you from having to restart from scratch and spend unnecessary time recreating files and documents.


Protecting against malicious threats could aid data and file loss prevention. Anti virus software will block malicious viruses from getting on to your PC and causing harm to any data and files. 

Make copies of files

Always have more than one copy of the file stored elsewhere, so if a disaster strikes or you loose that data, you can revert to the backup copies. Always save them regularly too. 

Laptop Encryption

Laptop encryption makes it harder for people to get hold of your information. For instance, if your laptop got stolen, as previously mentioned they can use the hard drive to get hold of your information. With laptop encryption, it’s basically a padlock on your whole laptop (including your hard drive) so it makes it even harder to steal data and files from you. 

Our laptop encryption service

To find out more about our laptop encryption service and how we can further protect your business laptops, fill out the contact details below and we will be in touch to discuss more.


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