What is Network Installation?

Your business is likely to rely heavily on IT, and your office is likely to be furnished with an array of devices that need connecting in a streamlined and reliable manner.

Our professional Network Installation services offer complete network set up service and configuration of these devices; allowing you to store valuable data securely, access the internet, share photos and documents, send those all important e-mails, and much more.

Why Aspect IT?

If you are looking for a reliable Network Installation & Network Maintenance service, look no further.

Aspect IT are a Manchester based IT support company renowned for providing outstanding levels of service, IT support, and technical advice for clients throughout the whole of the UK.

Our holistic approach to your network installation and network maintenance means that we will work on your complete network until it is running efficiently. Our experts will do the hard work for you; ensuring a seamless and user-friendly network set up which will allow you to use all of your devices to their full potential.

What does our Network Installation & Maintenance service include?

Our experienced technicians are fully trained to equip your premises with a reliable and smooth running network. Services are to include:

  • Server Set-up
  • Modem and Router Configuration
  • Peripheral Device Configuration
  • Hub or Switch Configuration
  • Printer Configuration & Setup
  • User profiles and management
  • Post Network Set up Support