Nintendo Switch – what’s that?

Gaming is the “cool” thing these days. Everyone wants the latest games console which in this case is

Gaming is the “cool” thing these days. Everyone wants the latest games console which in this case is the Brand-new Nintendo SWITCH. It is the new console that allows you to SWITCH your gaming from tablet to TV. This is the perfect gift for a gaming fanatic and is sold between £279.99 and £420.00 which is worth what accessorises it comes with!

So what comes with the switch console?

The console comes with:

  • Two small controllers
  • A switch dock (to charge up your console and to keep it safe)
  • A switch console tablet
  • Two wrist straps (to stop the controllers flying out your hand)
  • Nintendo adapter
  • HDMI cable (allowing you to SWITCH to your TV)

Handheld mode

The handheld mode allows you to play your game by slotting the two controllers in the side and playing the switch in your hand. It is designed to be lightweight so that it makes the gamer comfortable just holding the controllers. It has designed joy stick controllers instead of cross buttons so that the gamer can have an extended time playing without getting any discomfort in their hands or fingers.

Table top mode

The table top mode allows you to detach the controllers and play the console when it is stood up on the table. You can play individually or you can play multiplayer games. One thing to be aware of is that you must be very careful as it can get a little fiddly and you will need to stand it up on a flat surface for it to stand up.

TV mode

TV mode is easy to set up. All that needs doing is the HDMI cable plugging in to the TV and you’ll be ready to go. You attach the controllers to the grip controller which acts like an Xbox or PlayStation controller (if you wish to play solo). If you would like to play multiplayer it is the same at the table top mode. When playing in this mode it would probably be best to use the wrist straps so they don’t fall and damage anything. It’s easy to put together as you just need to slide the controllers in the slots that are shown. For TV mode, all you need to do is slide the tablet back in to the switch dock.

What games are there available to the console?

There are a huge variety of games that are available for the Nintendo Switch such as Mario Kart, Just Dance, Minecraft etc. The only thing to be mindful of is that even though it is a Nintendo product, no previous games for the DS are compatible with the Switch.

Parental Control

The console is 100% safe for children to use as parents can control what the child uses for how long, and also what the child can purchase. There is an app which parents can download and log in to their Nintendo account to restrict access to certain things.