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What is Office 365 in Business and how can it help?

Office 365 in business comes in handy as you have access to many applications. It allows you to

Office 365 includes Emailing, presentations, spreadsheets and so much more that will help you day-to-day. There are so many different types of platforms out there to give you the maximum access to resources useful for how you work and what you need to do. Microsoft is the perfect solution and funnily enough, the most required so that you can get about your day-to-day responsibilities. 

There are different types of platforms for both personal and business use. Additionally, businesses are making use of the Cloud for safe storage and backup. Without the Cloud, you could increase your risk of losing your files completely. Today’s blog is all about Office 365 for business and how it can help your organization and your employees.

What's available in these packages

There are three different types of plans available for a business which are Business, Premium and Essentials. Like any other packages and products they have limitations unless you upgrade to the next package. Depending on the size of your business, how you function and what essentials you need this can highlight what plan you need. 

Office 365 Outlook

Outlook emailing platform for your business.

Office 365 Access

Your own database to record all your important business information. 

Office 365 Excel

Essential for working with figures and accounts in business.

Office 365 Word

Perfect for drafting letters, summaries and business proposals.

Office 365 Powerpoint

PowerPoint always comes in handy for the creative ones! 

Microsoft Services

Office 365 Exchange

Back end of your mailing system with enhanced features.

Office 365 OneDrive

Secure and accessible Cloud storage for all your important data.

Office 365 Sharepoint

Share, store and edit the same document with your colleagues.

Office 365 Teams

Chat, share files and video chat with your work colleagues.

Plans available for organizations

There a three different types of plans available which are Business, Premium and Essentials. Depending on what you require will determine which plan suits you best. Not every plan comes with all of the above services and products as there sometimes isn’t a need for them and it works out better for a business.

The following plans are as shown below:

Office 365 Essentials: Includes all services but does not include the Office apps. 

Office 365 Premium: Includes all services and all Office apps. This is the top plan for Office 365.

Office 365 Business: Includes all Office 365 apps but only includes the OneDrive service.

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