Office 365 Teams – the new and latest feature!

Office 365 Teams is the latest Microsoft Product for businesses to take advantage of. It helps improve communication

Office 365 teams is the latest feature and app that Microsoft has introduced. Its purpose is to add another platform to the 365 package, plus making business communications easier as opposed to emailing all the time. We know how frustrating it can be sometimes to search through thousands of emails to find the exact information which you need. Microsoft will make it easier and it’s more like sending a text message. 

We’ll explore today what the capabilities of the new platform are and what the uses of it are in a business. 

Promoting teamwork

Every business always encourages teamwork and there’s no better way than to have a form of internal communications other than emails. You can create group chats and meetings which are incredibly handy for businesses who have more than one office. It can often be a struggle to organize meetings to every staff member’s convenience, so why not use Microsoft Teams?

It’s also great for group feedback on certain situations or tasks which is digital evidence and easily accessible to find and use. 

Easily share files and documents

You can easily and share documents with a group rather than individually sending them to separate recipients on email. Sending them via Office 365 Teams also allows more than one person to edit a file or document in the group. Waiting for others to make changes will become no problem at all. It makes it much easier to gather all the changes at once and prevents an elongated process of obtaining feedback, making changes and then sending it on to the next person. 

Customized Digital Workspace

On the teams section of the portal, you can create your own teams so that if you needed to put a group of people together for a discussion or to review something then it’s easy to do it like this. The benefits are that you are not limited to your teams and can include whoever you want in the business. It makes project work so much easier as you can work as a team on one thing and easily switch to another team for other projects. It can all be done at once as opposed to one at a time in physical meetings. 

Security and Encryption

Like other Microsoft Office products, Team is also encrypted. This means that the data you send and receive are completely secure. Microsoft have a global scale of data centers, ensuring that all customer data and products are safe from cyber attacks. 

Available on multiple devices

Another benefit of Microsoft Office Teams is that it is available on mobile devices. All you need to do is go to the app store and type in Microsoft Teams to download the app and you can freely use it in the same way as you would on a PC.

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